Who We Are

We’re different.

Our CRM is truly best-in-breed, but there are lots of powerful, flexible CRMs out there. Why choose Revolution Online? Because of ROI Solutions: we’re refreshingly different.

Our clients are our partners, and benefit from hands-on client services. We are entirely focused on our clients and their needs.We listen carefully to our clients and incorporate their ideas into Revolution Online.
Our tool is flexible: choose the functionality you need, when you need it.We take integration seriously, ensuring smooth, ongoing daily operation of of your technology ecosystem.
We have a 100% success rate in converting to live CRM operation, on time, and within budget.We are a proud, privately- and woman-owned and operated CRM company.
We’re constantly improving, thanks to ROI Labs, our research and development team.Our clients form a supportive community who freely share their ideas.

Choosing the right CRM company and the right CRM platform is one of the most important decisions you have to make. It’s a long-term commitment, and a mission-critical toolset. At the end of the day, you need a powerful CRM backed by a powerful team that supports you and your mission.

We treasure our team and our independence.

We’re a team of fun, smart technologists who are fiercely dedicated to our clients and their missions. We are and have always been independently owned and operated,and like it that way.

Meet our team

We’re focused on world-changers. 

We don’t work with just anyone. Our customers are the most influential organizations in animal welfare, civil rights, environmental protection, equality, gun control, human rights, health care, and personal freedom. We’re proud to empower their efforts:

We give back.

Highlight ROI’s philanthropic work, both at company level (activities ROI does around community engagement and involvement) and staff level (places staff volunteers at)

Here is the text for our 1% Article: “At ROI Solutions, we believe in truly supporting our client partners in their efforts to make the world a better place. This is a core value of our culture and drives what we do as a company. Beyond providing a first-class CRM Solution, we place an emphasis on contributing financially to our client’s causes. From individual donations, monthly contributions, and yearly sponsorship of events and Galas, ROI Solutions contributes 1% of our total earnings to our client partner’s missions. We are here to help you change the world, and are privileged to be able to donate to such important causes.” 

Thanks again!

ROI Solutions helps nonprofits face these realities of modern nonprofit fundraising by:

  • Housing all constituent data is in a single Constituent Information Hub within the Revolution Online CRM, our clients’ database of record.
  • Integrating with our customer’s partners, rather than standing in the way. We allow unlimited, bi-directional constituent data flows from any source, and welcome data suppliers as members of the ROI Solutions CRM ecosystem. Our clients choose their best-of-breed partners and we integrate with them!
  • Supporting offline and online fundraising, campaign planning and analytics, and constituent data enrichment through our ecosystem of partners.
  • Delivering comprehensive reporting and Data Management Services (DMS) to support nonprofit marketing and constituent management needs.
  • During implementation, blending a new client’s established procedures and protocols with our suggestions for best practices and processes. 
  • Providing responsive, thorough implementation and conversion services as well as ongoing support services throughout our relationship. ROI Solutions has a much more efficient, data-driven approach to conversions.

Our History

[1999] ROI Solutions was founded by Gina VanderLoop in 1999 with a clear vision: to provide technological solutions to nonprofit organizations to help these organizations accomplish their missions.  In short, our aim was to force change on the industry by providing a CRM that offers nonprofits better access to the data that would enable their success and help to decrease costs, while increasing revenue, and responsiveness.  

[2000 and 2001] The company’s five oldest clients, who remain with ROI Solutions customers, are installed in the system.

[2014] ROI Solutions named one of the Top 100 Women Led Businesses by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

[some year] ROI Labs founded with the express mission of continually improving Revolution Online by responding to customer requests and ideas.