Research & Product Development

Research & Product Development

Always evolving to maximize productivity.

The landscape of nonprofit data management is always evolving and an organization’s success is dependent on being able to nimbly meet and anticipate those changes.  At ROI Solutions, our Research & Development and Product teams are tightly coupled, which allows new features and enhancements to be thoughtfully, but quickly, developed and deployed. 

Our goal is to constantly improve Revolution CRM for the best use of our clients. Whether a new product idea comes from one of our clients, partners, or even on the drive to work, we constantly test new enhancements and strategies to help our users become more efficient and more effective.   If a new feature will benefit all of our clients, ROI Solutions assumes the investment in strengthening our core product.

We thought that ROI may take an idea back, talk it over, maybe customize something just for us. But then to be told that they loved the idea and were considering making that change for all clients, I thought that was huge. And then to open my system the very next day and see it all beautifully laid out. It's been a game changer for us.

LaShanda Jackson
Vice President of Development
Common Cause

ROI Solutions is investing their time, their talent, and their effort all back into their system. Everyone there is focused on improving Revolution CRM, as well as your use of it.

Mary Murtala
Senior Director Development Operations
National Parks Conservation Association
  • Active client-listening and user-focused input and design
  • Monthly release cycle for new feature deployment
  • Rigorous quality control and extensive testing prior to release
  • Client-specific customizations without impact to the baseline application or your ongoing operations
  • Minimal need for client testing resources

Does your CRM company listen to your ideas for a better solution?

Your ideas are important and at ROI Solutions we want to hear them. Set up a call with us today to discuss how we may to be able to help your organization.